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FINISHED: Play a sound when a color appears on screen

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It's very rough, just as soon as I figure out how to actually package it, I'll put it up. Sourcecode as well (probably gonna do a bit of clean up first).

Here you go, binary is in the root of the rar and source code is in the directory. It IS made using C# and .NET v4.5.2. So you'll need to get the redistributable from Microsoft if you don't have it already. In case you're running Linux it would have to be ported to mono or something, and I don't have that installed at the moment (and I am using WPF, so UI would have to be redone).

Select a sound
Select a color (no color picker, wasn't as trivial to do as the other stuff)
Select retrigger delay (How long it will wait before triggering again, set it to 0 for only triggering once)
Select a rectangle to "look" in (Might be a bit fidgetry, I think I accidentally set the "drag" area on the border of the rectangle, which can be a bit hard to hit).
Then hit start.

The retrigger delay is not timed perfectly, don't expect it to be.
I am not sure what bugs there are if any, if there are any they shouldn't be bad for your PC.
Only wave sound files can be played. I just used what was built into .NET, I saw that I might have been able to use some Windows Media Player dependent calls, but I didn't.

Most of the things you mentioned like multiple regions, different colors, sounds, etc
Better UI
Fix the dragging of the selection window (maybe add a cancel as well? At the moment you can only accept new areas if you accidentally hit the selection for it)
Tasks are probably being used inappropriately, as I haven't done any desktop application GUI work in ages and probably forgot a lot of things.
Change the sound player to something that can accept more sound types.
Maybe add tolerance for colors?

Put it through VirusTotal:
Seems I am getting a false positive for git. And maybe because I am doing some pointer manipulation.




Thank you VERY much p3lb0x!  :Thmbsup:

Do tell if any glaring bugs occur. I'll probably fix it if it isn't too time consuming. Feel free to drop a few bucks to DC or me using the donationcredits system if you feel like it (Though don't feel compelled or forced).

Just want to say how great it is to see when people rise to a challenge!  Nice work, p3lbox! Can't wait to see the reply of surprise from the person who requested this..  :Thmbsup:


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