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FINISHED: Play a sound when a color appears on screen

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I'm in need of a program that will immediately make a sound when a certain color appears on screen.  I'm willing to pay for the program if the price is not too crazy.  Everything I've found on this site and via Google looks at a particular pixel.  I'm looking for something to monitor a range of pixels.

I would like to be able to change what color triggers the alarm, as well as what sound is played so I can put in a custom sound (red alert from Star trek for example).

Feature wishlist, but not required:

*  I'm working with a multiple monitor set up, so ideally I could choose which monitor the program watches, but that's not essential.  It can watch them all at once if needed. 

* A reset, acknowledge, or pause button so I can mute the sound and tell the program when to start watching again.  Type of thing where the alarm goes off, I acknowledge it, and it tells me the next time the event happens instead of keep triggering off the same event.  May take a little while for the color to leave.  I can tell it when to start watching again, but trying to not have to close and reopen the program unless the program is super quick to start.

* It would be nice if I could have multiple programs running, or if the one program could watch for multiple colors and each have thier own sounds file.  For example, on screen one watch for red with sound a, and on screen two watch for green with sound b.

Here's hoping you folks will help me out!  Thanks for your time!

I seem to remember a very similar request has been posted here before, but I've so far been unable to locate it.
Have you requested this before?

I remember a similar request and app as well.

Found it:
PixelNotifier by skrommel  ;D



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