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FINISHED: Hourly chime software (like Cuckoo for Mac)

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I searched Google for 60 min + /r/software + Donation coder but couldn't find anything useful.
I want something like Cuckoo for Mac.
1) Simple.
2) MUST be portable (this is the reason I don't want to use Windows Task Scheduler as the settings are tied to Windows).
3) Must be able to choose mp3, wav, or m4a file for sound.
4) Decent interfaceknow if such an app exists?

:) Chime plays a sound file or tells the time on the hour and every x minutes.

FINISHED: Hourly chime software (like Cuckoo for Mac)

Chime is portable, it saves it's settings to Chime.ini, just copy the file to the folder you put the script in on your other computers.

Download and install AutoHotkey to run the script.
Save the script as Chime.ahk and doubleclick to run.

17.07.2017: Added code to the Browse button. @stisev
18.07.2017: Added option to chime multiple times on the hour. @nogojoe
18.07.2017: The program checks for files 0.wav, 1. wav... 23.wav to be played on the hour. @mouser
21.07.2017: Added volume bar. @orbis. Removed a bug affecting playing individual hour files. @nogojoe
16.08.2017: Changed timing
21.10.2017: Added checkbox to ignore the volume


skrommer to the rescue as usual. Was this coded for me or was it done before? Never seen this app from you before.

Some comments/questions
1) Play button doesn't seem to do anything with "C:\Windows\InfusedApps\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection_3.14.1181.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Arkadium.Win10.DailyChallenges\Assets\Audio\badgeEarned.wav"
It says "playing soundfile" but nothing happens.  I've confirmed the directory has that sound file as winamp plays it just fine.

EDIT: I tried this file too but nothing happens when I hit play:

2) Browse button does nothing

3) You mentioned that Chime can play a sound "on the hour" - is this really true? I  see options for Chime every 60 minutes, but that's not the same as on the hour right?

After a quick peek in the code, the sound is played on the hour (the interval for that function starts from 00:00)

--- Code: Autohotkey ---next:=A_YYYY A_MM A_DD A_Hour 00 00...nexthour:=nextnexthour+=1,HourThe above should make that clear.

Is Winamp configured as the default player? Or not? Do you have different audio-devices installed in your computer? I ask, because there can be some (unintended) configuration confusion going on, when this is the case. And could explain the silence.

Just to confirm: I've tested it here on Win10, and it worked just fine, right out of the box.


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