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FINISHED: Hourly chime software (like Cuckoo for Mac)

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Confirmed it works now. TY!!

I have download Chime.exe from page 1 but I can't run it on Windows 10. Error message: This app can't run on your PC

It works fine for me on Windows 10 v1709 build 16299.19.

I do get a warning from Windows Smart Screen that it may be dangerous to run the program, but since I trust Skrommel and because Jotti said no malware was found, I told it to run anyway and it works just fine.

I also had warning from Smart Screen but I allowed Chime to run and got the error message. Windows 10 Pro 32 bit (version 1703 build 15063.674). No complaint from Avira.

I wil try to run it on my laptop then.


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