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Is there a time limit on 3rd party hosting?

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Other than an eventual option to remove an uploaded file image to 3rd party hosting service...

Would like to know if there's a time frame limit to the hosting of these "clippings"?

Some services may post what they hope to guarantee, but I think in general when you are using the 3rd party image hosting sites, it's anyone's guess and there is no guarantee.
If you need your images up forever you'll have to keep a copy of them and be prepared to change services..


Did you mean "Gotcha"?

gotcha (also gotcher)
ยท exclam. informal I have got you.'
Concise Oxford Dictionary (10th Ed.)

--- End quote ---

(Forgive me. I was talking about spelling and reading this with my nearly 7 y/o son - he will be in 1 day's time - and he wanted to know what "Goccha" meant.)

That's funny!  ;D

Never thought there was a "proper" word for that.
Somethiing like "wanna" i suppose, slowly making its way into our dictionaries.


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