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Launching URL files stored in the Windows file system

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That is best solved by changing the regex from nn(.*) to ^nn(.*) so that it only matches if the nn is at the START of the string.
-mouser (July 14, 2017, 07:22 AM)
--- End quote ---
Thank you. I was going go respond that in my case I don't actually want the anchor as often I am remembering a fragment of the name of the URL that could be anywhere in the string.
E.g. to find "Learning Elisp for better Emacs" I might simply type "elisp".

However, having tried it, it works, which seems to run counter to what I know about regexes...

EDIT: Wrong again, I am actually using "nn(^.*)" rather than "^nn(.*)" but this "nn(^.*)" still seems to get me the behaviour I want?


Difference in the parsing (using RegexBuddy - I have to work with RegEx too much not to have a powerful parser.  Highly recommend it if you work with Regex)

Notice where the root is parsed. The expression is rooted, not the literal.  Not sure what Regex engine mouser is using, but you're correct- it shouldn't be working, because the inner portion should never satisfy that it's at the beginning of the string.  And it doesn't test right in RegexBuddy.


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