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Best Way to Embed Excel Worksheet in Word Doc


It may not even be possible int he way that I would like to do. 
There is a place in the document that refers to use of function in an excel sheet to calculate cost for use by multiple persons.  ie: (Click here to use pricing tool.)  I can hyperlink these words to the Excel document but doing so on my system wont provide the correct link when the document is opened on another User's system.  This is a spreadsheet for calculating multiples of the various pricing shown in the Word Doc.

I was wondering if there as a way to literally "embed" these calculations into the Word Doc itself so they don't show up unless someone needs them and clicks the link for Multiple User pricing.  Or if the only way to make this work is to host the Excel file on our local network and link it such that it is pulled from the network when clicked.

Unfortunately,the document is for use by "all employees" and they may not be "In-House" when they click the link.  So it would require hosting on a web-accessible location done this way and require Internet access for clicking the link.

Are there Options I am not exploring?  Or a way to literally include the spreadsheet "hidden" in the Word doc?

OK, here's some tips that might help you on the way to a solution. I'm using LibreOffice and I do not have access to Word or Excel; I'll be using "Writer" and "Calc"

First, you can embed a spreadsheet in a Writer document. This is done by "Insert → Object → OLE Object" in Writer, it's probably similar in Word. This embedded document may be "full" which will appear as a table might, or it can be an icon which when clicked will open in Calc.

Second, you can embed a specific cell from a Calc file into a Writer document (whether or not the files are linked as above). This is done by copying the cell in the Calc document (or embedded table) and then pasting it into the Writer document using "Paste Special…", then chosing "DDE Link". The resulting text will be live-linked to its source in the spreadsheet.

Hopefully these two tidbits will help you.


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