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Is there a time limit on 3rd party hosting?

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...If you need your images up forever you'll have to keep a copy of them and be prepared to change services.
-mouser (July 07, 2017, 08:17 AM)
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Yes. It is for that reason I could never really see the sense in offering/using such third-party services, since, by definition they would seem to be "unreliable", or only reliable in the sense that they can be relied on to be impermanent.
Yahoo!'s 1TB of Flickr free images storage comes to mind as a likely exception in that regard.

Defunct Yahoo!?  :-\

My "hidden" idea here would be to propose a kind of "merger/alliance" with Cintanotes that lacks screenshot capture capabilities.
If Screenshots Capture could "merge" so to speak with CN and have a decent, reliable image hosting service like or others with unlimited services like Flickr. Then maybe both could rise to a better level of appreciation hitherto known.

Never thought there was a "proper" word for that.
Somethiing like "wanna" i suppose, slowly making its way into our dictionaries.
-dantheman (July 07, 2017, 06:22 PM)
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That's a word:
ยท contr. informal want to; want a.
Concise Oxford Dictionary (10th Ed.)

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It's an acceptable contraction of a word for Scrabble players to use (contractions are OK, but abbreviations are not allowed).

Interesting - I just noticed - my AutoHotkey script called "AutoCorrect" automatically changes "wanna" to "want to" as I type. Quite handy.


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