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want hear / extract clear voice from recording of lecture/discussion

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I have a recording of lecture/discussion. It has some noise of the hall room.
Now the voice are not clear. I want to hear / extract clear voice.

Googling gave me links of removing the voice, but I want the reverse.
Also gave me paid software links which claim to do it.

Need Advise ?



Adobe Audition.  But it's an adobe product, so you pay for the privilege.

If you want free, there's Audacity.

Free means in this case a lot more work, and a lot worse (IMO) interface.

There are other options out there (Sound Forge Pro, and GoldWave for starters.), so not sure why you didn't find anything.

I use GoldWave myself, but more out of familiarity as I've been using it for over 10 years for a one-time payment of $45 - I think closer to 12 years.  It's good software.

UNVEIL from's a bit costly, but is one of the very best at doing what you want to do.

If the noise that you don't want is pretty constant, and if there is a short interval/length of soundtrack where the speaker is NOT speaking, then you may be able to use Audacity to remove the noise.
Simply sample that interval of noise and subtract/remove it from the whole file
It works very well, and can even remove things like tape hiss or hum from a cassette recording - which is something I have used quite a lot, when digitising audio cassette tapes.

Thanks all for the advise.

I will try them and revert my story :)




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