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Copy Image without Objects



I often make screenshots where I add some notes (Text Object) or some rectangles (to mark bugs).
When I create a report I need the screen shots without those objects.
Currently I click on "Launch Graphics Editor", in Paint I select <Ctrl>+<a> to select the whole screen shot and then <Ctrl>+<c> to copy it to the clipboard.

Is there a faster way?
It would be cool to copy the screenshot without objects into the clipboard directly in Screenshot Captor.

Best regards


I could add an item under the File menu that was "Save Copy without Object As.."

Hello Mouser,

save as also requires that I select the new image in Screenshot Captor (one click) and press <Ctrl>+<a> and the <Ctrl>+<c>.
And afterwards I have to delete image (the image without objects).

A menu entry in "Edit > Copy to Clipboard > Copy image without objects (Ctrl + Alt + O)" is less actions.
(I suggested an hot key here but I am not sure if this is already in use)


I was suggesting adding a new option added to menu to save as a new file without object.
But a new menu entry as you suggest in Copy to clipboard would work too.

This would really help a lot (to copy the image without objects to the clipboard).
Thank you!


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