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Reverse Side of Flipbook


I'd like to print a 2nd Video on the back of the first video.

So, when I've flipped through the first video, I could turn over the book and flip through the 2nd video, being on the "Backsides"

I figure I'd force each to print exactly 60 frames, at 10 frames per page, Portrait, 5 frames down, 2 frames across.

I would print one set, flip and reverse the sheets and print the second video on the backside of the sheets

I've printed a few test pages and I feel OK with the alignment of the of cards, they skew a little, but that's more do to the sloppy printer then an offset kind of thing.

My question is, will the images for the "Backside" video be in the correct order?

i.e. Will Image 60 of 2nd video, print on the back of Image 1 of first video?


That's a really interesting question.. It's been a while since I've used flipbook printer..

I think it should be possible, with the right options.

The easiest thing to do would be to create a test book that has 2 sheets worth of cards, and then try it.  You don't have to use real card stock just print on regular paper until you get it to work.

I *think* that you should be able to do it by just printing the first book then flipping it around and printing the second book using the "PRINT PAGES IN REVERSE ORDER" option.

I think that should put the second video cards exactly on their opposite pair of the cards ordered in reverse.

The one thing you'll want to make sure is that the book uses the full sheet of cards, with no "waste".

Let me know if it works.


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