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opening folders in new file manager

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For years now, F&R has opened my folders in Opus File Manager. Two days ago, when I try to open any folder with F&R, it only opens folders in microsoft explorer. How do I change back to opening folders in Opus File Manager? Thanks for any suggestions.

Maybe the location of your file manager exe has changed.
To set it in FARR go to the "External Tools and Plugins" tab and set the location there:

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Or could it be a problem with Dopus?
Were either updated lately?

It works here with Dopus 12.3 -- I'll try updating (to 12.6) later today and will report if there's any changes.

EDIT// note the option mouser highlights is empty, and dopus is set to replace Windows Explorer.
Also, you didnt mention OS - windows 7 x64 here

most likely his Windows just upgraded itself to version 1703?


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