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Slashdot asks: How Do You Prepare For The Theft Of Your PC?


I currently keep important information on a hidden, encrypted partition so an ordinary thief won't get much off of it, but that is about the extent of my preparation... What would you do? Some sort of beacon to let you know where your stuff is? Remote wipe? Online backup?...

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I'm in trouble if my laptop gets stolen:
I do have a password on my account, but that's it - my only hope really is that they would wipe it rather than try and get in: if they did get in, they could relatively easily get into my email account which is not good.
Guess I better read the article.

Most computer gear will be wiped anyway. Easier to sell without incriminating evidence of a previous owner, which could be contacted by the new owner and the seller being pointed out to the police by the buyer.

The above is only true for simple "smash and grab" burglary. If you are victim of a planned out burglary, assume that info on your laptop/computer will be used against you.

A fence is not happy about police attention and without fences, thieves have a much harder time getting money for the things they steal. That is why you get much harder penalized in the Netherlands for being a fence than a thief.

Besides, it is very hard to protect any (computer) system when the criminals have physical access. Competent software that simply removes the password from a computer account is one internet search query away...

Encryption and 2-factor-authentication will make it harder for prying eyes. Harder, but not impossible. But in most cases that is way too much effort for thieves that are out for quick money, which is most of them.

Most consumer computer gear isn't that popular, as it varies too much in value given the amount of effort it takes to steal. Wallets, watches, jewelry...much less effort and very little variation in value, because that kind of stuff is hardly protected by devices that can be tracked. Makes selling it easier for the fence as well.


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