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New Forum Feature request


So, after participating in the thread on new forums, and then seeing a separate conversation starter injected into the thread that was tangentially related, I did think of a Discourse feature that I wondered about the feasibility of - reply as a new topic.  I envision having some kind of form at the bottom of the quick reply box that allowed for you to tick something (make a new thread from reply) and a space for the new topic's subject that would default to something that let you know that this was a reply to that topic ("re: topic name" as a suggestion).  And perhaps a picker for the area, but by default, I think that the location of the original topic would be fine.


I think it is a good idea.  I can remember suggesting something similar on other forums.  It seems more natural to quote or follow up to a new thread with the aid of the software than manually starting a new topic and inserting a link to the old thread.  Not having the feature is likely why thread hijacking is so common on forums.  The software should handle all the mundane stuff like the back link to the original thread etc..


How easy the implementation would be I have no clue.

Not a bad idea, but I worry it might be over used if it was presented to everyone as one of two equally viable buttons for posting a reply..
But it might be easy for me to add the display of the reply-as-new-thread to the list of customization flags you can specify in your profile...


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