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PDF viewer that reopens files after crash



Is there a PDF viewer that reopens the files that were opened before crash?
I do that with webpages, with text files, but not with the rest.

Maybe there is a universal solution?


Windows does keep track of most recently opened files in a list. Not sure if Windows uses MRO or MRU entries in the registry for this.

Anyway, double-clicking on the entry of the PDF document that was most recently opened, I would consider to be the universal solution. Of course, there are limits to the amount of entries in this list, so it is possible that the most recently opened PDF file is "bumped out" of this list. Which happens quickly enough if you open lots of files all the time.

Perhaps there are tools that can adjust the default limitations that Windows applies to this list. But I'm too lazy to look any of these up.

Windows does keep track of most recently opened files in a list.
-Shades (June 10, 2017, 10:53 PM)
--- End quote ---

I find files are often not included in this list: even files I've just created (e.g. print to PDF), but I've never paid enough attention to try and figure out if there is a pattern to the files which are *not* included.

I use the FARR most-recently-used plugin to get and search a list of files. Very helpful.

@Kalos, FWIW, I cant remember my PDF reader crashing (Adobe Reader), but then I mostly use it to have a quick look at a PDFs I've just created, and that's it.


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