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Not Show Icons in System Tray - Launch Bars

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Hello M,

i have made lots of launch bars,

I was wondering if there was any way for me not to have so many of the icons show up in the hidden system tray.

There so many icons now :)


hello s,
maybe try to organize your bars; one bar for programs you use for photo-editing, one for text editing, one for etcetera, etcetera - and maybe show us a screenshot of your problem. To upload this, you must click [Preview] here ↓ below ↓ (add a little text first), and you will have more options.

Hello Curt,

In the system tray it adds 1 icon for each launch bar shortcut I assume ?

thats one row.

there are losts of icons  -

Am I able to not see them in the system tray.

Its just that theres all these other programs as well and it gets very confusing what is what

Hello all,

I have discovered a technique - I will make 1 launch bar

then I will nest the Sub tree within sub tree ... etc

that way 1 have 1 launch bar on my system Tray

I can still add the hotkeys to trigger my individual launch bar  - which is what i wanted  -but i didnt want so many icons showing
i guess thats the best option for me now



Hi slc7.

I could add an option to hide launchbar icons in tray.  Normally you don't want this because the icon is only shown when they launchbar is minimized and I want the user to be able to see that LBC is running.  But as long as ONE of your launchbar's is showing it's icon you can still bring up LBC, and you could always just launch LBC again which will un-minimize the first instance.

So, I will add the option.


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