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Demina: a Minesweeper Solver/Helper

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Just got an idea:

Wouldn't it be nice to have tiles with Cody ?  :)
So numbers count how many Cody there are around.
If someone graphic-oriented could provide such tiles: 16 tiles (16x16 pixels) .bmp format
same sequence as MineSweeper tiles then
I could add them to the Draw As menu of Demina & Demine Exercizer;
Also if proper sounds are found I can add them to DemineExercizer.  :tellme:



this is the current version of Demine  8) !
It includes 2 new techniques ( explained in the techniques.html file included  ;) ).

I think now the program has everything I can think about so
if there will not be feedback, ideas, bugs and so on ...
this will be the last version for a while ...

There is also a new version of DemineExercizer.

As always have fun !

Gianni Luciani

thanks gianni!

Hi Gianni,

can you measure the odds of your solving algorithm?

After pausing one year I improved my solver and fixed some bugs. It does now 36.4% of expert games.
You can try it out:


P.S: I think I found and error within this board (having 10 bombs). The sum of all bomb probabilites should be 10 - but isn't:

two minesweeper solvers!!!

now i know for sure that this world is just a dream world inside the matrix.


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