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Can I trust bookdownloadforfree > filesfetcher?


Can I trust bookdownloadforfree > creativeserver > filesfetcher?

I want to save some money and get a certain ebook for free. However, the storage (filesfetcher) will have my credit card informations beforehand. They appear very trustworthy, but the process is making me nervous. I usually don't hand over such private informations before having something. And then I thought, instead of testing and hoping, why not just ask the forum!

Dear Forum: Do you have any experience with myFilesFetcher and can tell if I can trust them my credit card data?

Doesn't look free to me.

* You get a 7-day free trial only when you register for a 1-month Premium plan
--- End quote ---

Also, AdGuard warns me when I clicked the "Click here to try Filesfetcher free for 7 days" button:

Web of Trust (WOT):

Curt, how would a "download files to centralized location and let you download from there later" kind of service allow you to get an ebook for free?  :huh:


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