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DONE: Icon in system tray to show when there in no internet connection

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Can you add an option to keep the ping and error counters even when the program is closed, and a reset counters button?

I attached another set of icons. A bit smaller than the previous ones I sent. Feel free to distribute them as alternative icons, if you want.

I have not tried this app which looks really useful to me.  I need to try it on a problematic pc that I have.

@shmuel1:  Thank you for the icons.  I'm glad the application is working for you.   ;)
@techidave: If you do try it out, let us know how you get on with it.   :Thmbsup:

I've been using it even since you made it. It works great.

This may also be useful to you, as it gives off a sound on no internet.

--- ---play a sound if there is no response, simply add the -d parameter to the command



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