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DONE: Icon in system tray to show when there in no internet connection

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Skype used to have a system tray icon that changed when there is no internet access. In the new Skype there is no skype icon in the system tray, so I can't easily tell when the internet is down.

I'd like a quick way to tell when the internet is down. I don't want a network speed indicator, just an icon that appears one way when there is internet access an another way when there is no internet access. I assume this utility would have to ping some location let's say every 15 seconds.

For extra credit you could be able to configure how often it pings and where it pings.

I seem to remember someone already coding such a tool here... Just have to see if someone remembers?

I searched the site a bit and I can't find it.

Does anyone know of a utility that shows a different icon on the taskbar when there is no internet connection?

I use "PingInfoView", though not in tray, it shows red icon when no connection.



Windows 10:
Settings > Taskbar > Select which icons appear on the taskbar > Network > On 



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