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when Explicit Rule set to Force Low, application still running at 90% cpu...

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ProceessTamer related... when Explicit Rule set to Force Low, application still running at 90% cpu average. what am I missing ?? [see attached] Please assist.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.



Hi Richard.

The explanation for this has to do with the nature of Process Tamer and what it is doing.

Process Tamer does not explicitly try to make programs use less of your cpu.  What it does is adjust the relative priority of processes, so that if you have one process that is TRYING to use up all your cpu, and there are OTHER processes that are asking for cpu time, Process Tamer can ensure that the OTHER processes operate smoothly and get enough time to run responsively.

What that means is that in a case like the one you are showing, where only 1 process is really competing for the cpu, you shouldn't see very much of a difference (windows GUI controls, start menu, etc. may respond a bit faster).

It is only when you have a second program that you want to use where you should see the real difference.  With PT taming your terminal.exe application and setting it to low priority, your OTHER apps should now run more smoothly.

So for example if you run another process that needs a substantial amount of cpu time simultaneously with this terminal.exe which is currently alone using 90% of your cpu, THEN you should see that 90% drop lower when PT has lowered its priority, compared to if its priority it normal.

Does that make sense?


I appreciate your prompt response.

Yes, your explanation does make sense.

I was looking for a utility that would not allow any specific cpu process over a maximum percentage, say 60%.

Might you have a suggestion ??

Thank you.


I'm not sure I've ever seen such a program, but it is an intriguing idea.. Let me know if you find something.

I'm more interested in arguments for limiting a process in using the available cpu power. Do you buy a car with hundreds of hp, just to keep the hand-brake on all the time to get a slower acceleration?
What process-tamer does is the most sensible: give a cpu-hog a lower priority so other processes get a fair chance of getting their work done. And while others demand no cpu-cycles, keep the hand-brake off and let it run free.


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