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Screenshot captor V4.21.1 Keyboard Keys not working


On Windows 10 creator version 1703 (OS Build 15063.296).  Installed the latest version of Screenshot Captor.  Everything seemed to work fine.  Clicked on the Icon this morning and it launched but Shift+PrtScr did not work.  Right clicked on the icon in the task bar and selected Grab Selected Region and it worked.  Launched the Show Quick-Capture bar and it selected the icon form there and it worked.  I still cannot get the Shift+PrtScr to function.  I have  reinstalled the program before and it will start working.  Since it is not working today I am reporting it.  I can reinstall the program and I expect it to work.  My work around for now is to use the Quick-Capture bar or right click on the icon in the task manager.  Can you please look into this a see if you can fix?  It appears that none of the hot keys appear to be working.

Reinstalled the program and all hotkeys are currently working.  Please look into this since it will happen again.  This is at least the 4th time it has happened. 


This may be the problem described elsewhere of windows default OneDrive program capturing the PrtScr key.
See this thread for the solution:

It definitely has to do with onedrive.  However, the solution did not work for me since the onedrive box that I am told to uncheck is and was unchecked.  If I exit onedrive and restart screenshot captor, it then works.  Since onedrive is started automatically with windows, the prtscr appears to be redirected.

Any other ideas? 

did not work for me since the onedrive box that I am told to uncheck is and was unchecked.
-whanenbu (May 23, 2017, 04:15 PM)
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Have you tried turning it on and then back off again? That sometimes helps to turn things really off. :huh:

Thanks.  That appears to do it.


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