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What is Screenshot Captor doing to my Windows?!

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Does anyone know anything about this weird phenomena?
-mouser (May 22, 2017, 02:22 PM)
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In response, I can tell you what I found out.
I have wondered about this sort of thing - repeated/duplicated "Banner, Sounds" icons in the list of Notifications & actions settings in Win10.


* (a)  I don't see this sort of thing happening with SC. In fact, SC doesn't occur in the list at all, even though it does appear in the Systray when it is running - which seems a bit strange, but I presume that might be correct, because I have it as a "portable" app.

* (b) I do see this sort of thing happening with a few other apps that have a Systray presence. I had assumed it to be duplicated hooks in the Registry, or something. ABBY Screenshot Reader seems to be the worst offender with 30 so far, some of which I turned off as an experiment, but it seems to make no difference.
Interestingly, of those 30 ABBY icons, 27 are an identical type of icon, and 3 are another.

Using CCleaner to clean up the Registry seems to make no difference either.

The Systray notifications was buggy and harmless, and ergonomically annoying, in Win7, as some notifications that one needed would sometimes disappear from the Systray for no apparent reason. The workaround was to get them restored by restarting WE (Windows Explorer).

Don't recall noticing any problems in this regard in Win8/8.1, but then I was in the habit of periodically restarting WE as a matter of course anyway, as WE often seemed to be at least part of the cause of some other problems.

Win10 and subsequent versions of that:
In Win10, the Systray icons seem to be buggy and harmless also, but in a different way (as described above) and which is not (so far) ergonomically annoying. So I tend to ignore it. I guess it's just cluttering-up the Registry.
Restarting WE seems to have no effect on this either, though it can still help to clear some other problems.


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