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Problem inserting license key



I just signed up to download the license key for Process Tamer. I followed the instructions but when I copy-paste the key and click accept, I get an error that reads "Error: Bad License Key or License Key for wrong program. Please check that you copied+pasted the entire license key begining with *r." I did make sure I copied the entire license key (that begins with *r) and tried it several times but it doesn't work. Can someone help me?

Hi silverion, i'm the author of Process Tamer, and i'm here to help!

Usually there are 2 kinds of problems people have: one is that they done select the entire license key text, but it sounds like you did that.

The other one is that on the free license key download page, some people don't notice that there are a series of links for downloading keys, and each link is for a different program -- so it's easy to generate a license key for the wrong app.  you might try that and see if that's the problem.

If that doesn't solve the problem for you, email me ([email protected]) and i'll help some more.


I have looked under the manager utility and cannot figure out or remember where to put in the license key .
-kurasov1965p (September 23, 2017, 12:22 AM)
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hi kurasov1965p,
what's the manager utility?

Instructions for using this license key:
•Select and copy (Ctrl+C) the multi-line license key above.
•Open the "About Box" in the program of ours that you want to register (from menu choose Help->About).
•Click the "Enter New License Key" button.
•Paste this text it into the application and Click "Accept."
•You can check or change your license status at any time from this About box.
•Click here to watch a video of what to do to put in your license key.

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