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Problem Solved. (batch change of jpg 'created time')

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How do I navigate Power Shell?  :tellme: -Curt (May 19, 2017, 03:45 AM)
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If this is still need, here is how:

- Open PowerShell window ( Run: powershell )
- You will get a PowerShell window, starting in your profile directory

- now tell the machine you want to change the folder:
use 'Set-Location', short 'SL', or the alias, know from DOS days: 'CD'

- add a space after CD

- net start typing 'pic' and press TAB key to cycling  through all matching folders (if any), and you will get:
cd .\Pictures

- press Enter

- - -

Extra tip:
- use TAB key everywhere and every time in PoSh to aid you navigating
- press Ctrl+C to cancel current typed command and get a new line
- Type 'cd ..' + ENTER to go to parent directory
- Type 'cd \' + ENTER to go to the root of a drive
- Type 'H:' + ENTER to switch to drive with letter H
- Type 'cd ~' + ENTER to switch to your home directory C:\Users\Kurt\
- Type 'cd ~\' + TAB to cycling  through all folders

Here is a better explanation

HTH?  :Thmbsup:

Hello there .o/

When I moved my files to this computer (x64 Windows 10 Home), I accidentally & unfortunately used a program that has erased almost all original info   and changed every jpg "Created Time".-Curt (May 18, 2017, 05:36 PM)
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The way I understand it, the "created time" is when space was first reserved on the drive to write the file to it. So it would be normal behaviour, not an issue related to the program you used to perform the copy.

Do 'you' know of a program that can do this? Or can & will 'you' write a script to make it happen?   -Curt (May 18, 2017, 05:36 PM)
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I actually remember making such a batch script a few years back, which made use of a freeware command line tool named smarttimestamp (available on Softpedia : but you should probably use the latest version from )
I'll try to find it when I get back home (currently at work) and to remember to post it here :]

Edit : after re-reading the thread from back then (here, in french), you don't even need to make a whole script :

--- ---smarttimestamp . *.jp* /cd-modified /ct-modifiedshoud do it.

I am very grateful for your help, AbteriX, tomos, ConstanceJill. Thank you! It has been a pleasure to read your responses and TRY to do as you said. In the end, what was the easiest way was to follow ConstanceJill's link to smarttimestamp and simply place smarttimestamp.exe in /Pictures. I then did a "Command Line from here", pasting smarttimestamp . *.jp* /cd-modified /ct-modified. A second later, the job was done!

Thank you!  :up:

Post modified:
One must first remove write-protection from the picture files, otherwise smarttimestamp will simply stop at the first protected file.

^ Very good: Bookmarked

Also interesting to learn a bit about using the command line from Abterix :up:

HTH?  :D
-AbteriX (May 19, 2017, 02:19 AM)
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Why does AbteriX keep asking How The Hell without finishing the question?
I am not trying to be funny... hehehe... but the biggest kitchen manufacturer in Denmark is named HTH, so search answers in Danish are not explaining this HTH


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