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Grab selected region

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I am having this issue(The main issue, not the capture bar one), and I am currently running only on my laptop. Version 4.21.1.

When I try to grab selected region, the screen resolution changes(kind of end up with a zoomed in effect), and I can't capture all of the available area. I have to suck it up and use the Windows Snipping Tool when I need something that is getting clipped. Ugh...  ;D

I DO usually dock my computer and use two larger monitors, but I am not currently connected.

the screen resolution changes(kind of end up with a zoomed in effect),
-Mikey1969 (June 16, 2017, 01:16 PM)
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A few questions to get mouser thinking in the right direction :P

* Are your external monitors of (very) high resolution, and, using Windows 10 I presume, scaled differently (150-200%) then the laptop screen (100-125%)?
* Was your primary monitor one of the external monitors when connected (and during boot, maybe, too)?
I'm thinking that SC still uses the previous main screen's resolution&scaling, though it should use the current screen's resolution&scaling.

Maybe we should sponsor mouser into the Windows 10 world and provide him with an UHD monitor so he can debug properly.

The issue isn't with the high resolution or with windows 10 -- SC will perform properly in these cases.

There are two scenarios where this zoom problem might still happen when doing a selected-region capture with the latest versions of SC.

The main scenario is if you have multiple monitors AND you have a DIFFERENT text scaling magnification set on the different monitors.  That is, in windows 10 you can now set text scaling options differently on one monitor then on another.  This will cause the zoom problem.  Solution is to set both monitors to the same level of text scaling.  Unlikely to be a way for me to fix SC to behave well when they are set differently.

The other scenario can happen even when you have only one monitor, if windows has not broadcast a resolution change message properly.  This should be fixable by temporarily changing the monitor resolution just to get the windows message sent to running applications.

There is another fix for users who have these situations, and that is to go into the Selection Capture Options tab and choose to use "Red Box" mode for both Objects and Regions.  It's not quite a nice a way to capture regions but it should work in these cases because it uses a completely different way of letting you select the region on screen that you want to capture (it overlays a transparent window on top of your live desktop rather than taking a temporary capture of your entire desktop and then drawing on that).


I am also having the zoom issue that makes the region capture unusable for me.  I am using Windows 10 with 125% text scaling but I only have a single monitor.  The zoom isn't an issue as much as once the area is selected, regardless of using normal region capture or red box, that area that is captured is not the area I selected.  I use this feature a lot and have found that my only solution is to change the text scaling back to 100% when trying to capture a region.  Is the previous thread correct that returning to a previous release would get around this problem?  If so, does someone know the correct version that I need?

Are you using the latest version of SC?

If you reboot the pc, does it work then?

There is no reason this shouldn't work for the latest version of SC in windows 10 regardless of your text scaling.


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