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Grab selected region

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I just came across this problem recently, now on a new HP 612 x2 running Windows 10 64. I installed the latest graphics driver, but that did not solve the issue. The only way I can make grab selected region work seems to be setting the desktop zoom in Windows to 100 % for all displays. As soon as I set one to e.g. 150 %, the described zoom phenomenon appears. Even if I set all displays to 150 %, the problem persists.

In my configuration it is not an option to work with the same zoom for all displays as the physical sizes and resolutions differ a lot. I've been using Screenshot Captor for many years now and I don't want to switch to something else. But if this problem persists I'll have to.

Any chance to get this fixed?

Excellent detective work -- and thanks for sharing -- hopefully this will help someone else who encounters the same problem.
-mouser (December 10, 2017, 05:01 PM)
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Sadly, as soon as I rebooted my computer, the zooming issue when capturing screenshots has returned.
If I reinstall video drivers, it fixes it until I reboot again, and it starts all over.  So, at this point I'm just lost , and there doesn't seem to be any way to 'disabled' the zooming.   Doing a full print screen zooms, doing a print region zooms, and you can't 'move' the zoomed region. It just auto pics a place and zooms in.  Only way to get out of the zoom is then to hit escape.

-Evanrude (December 17, 2017, 07:01 PM)
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Didn't see this, but yes, I could tell you that nothing really solves it.  I've resolved to making the capture and restricting the region in the post-capture dialog.  You can't screenshot the issue, so I've despaired of being able to give Mouser any useful input on the problem.

If all monitors are set to the same DPI the problem there shouldn't be a problem.. If you have multiple monitors at different dpi settings (for example one at 150% and another at 100%) then the problem will happen.  It could also happen if you connect monitors after SC has been started.  There might be a way for me to add an option to correct this, at the cost of having the controls (buttons, etc.) on SC being native small size.

Is a fix for this issue in the works? I love SC, but I need to use different magnifications on screens and plug in and out monitors all the time when I dock my computer. All other screenshot tools I know of are inferior, but not beeing able to take screen shots is severe limitation...

Remember that SC is very good at letting you crop AFTER you take a screenshot of the entire workspace.. The difference between grabbing a selected region, and grabbing the entire workspace and then cropping is quite small..


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