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Bug: Screenshot Captor switches into different resolution during screenshot

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To confirm -- you are saying that SC works fine except sometimes when your laptop docks and undocks -- and that when this malfunction happens, even exiting and restarting SC doesn't help, and other screenshot tools are not effected by this problem..
-mouser (May 15, 2017, 11:45 AM)
--- End quote ---
Yes, that is correct.

Ok I have a guess about the nature of the problem -- I seem to remember an issue that happens when you have different dpi scales set on different monitors.  That is one monitor will have > 100% text size, and another monitor different..

Here is an older version if you can try this and let me know if it behaves differently:

Same is happening to me on my new laptop.  When I try to capture a screenshot, the screen resolution goes to something really small.  Not sure if it's because my monitors have a different resolution?  Same thing happens with the older version, also.

Different resolutions on monitors isn't a problem, but having one monitor set to a different TEXT SCALING option than other is.

I'm confused now if people are reporting that this is happening with new version but ALSO with old version? So we are saying this problem has always been there for you folks?



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