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Bug: Screenshot Captor switches into different resolution during screenshot

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I just got a new laptop, so that's the explanation for my new problem.  And the scaling on both is the same.

Quick update from my side: I have not encountered the issue so far again. Neither with the old nor with the new version. Not sure why this is as it used to happen frequently. I would like to point out though that none of my screens is set to a different text scaling (everything is in standard settings). I will keep watching this and let you know if I encounter the issue again. Thanks!

I found this old thread because it seems to describe the issue I'm having with my new laptop. I use my laptop connected to a dock with two external 24" monitors. Both monitors are identical and have the same 1920x1080 resolution. I'm using Windows 10 with the "Change the size of apps and text" set to 100% when displaying on the external monitors.

My internal laptop display is also 1920x1080 but "Change the size of apps and text" is set to 150%. When I perform a selected region screen capture when undocked on my internal laptop display, the entire screen is blown up and I'm not able to capture the content on the screen that I could see prior to initiating the capture.

If I change the "Change the size of apps and text" setting back to 100% prior to the screen capture, ScreenshotCaptor does not scale up the display during capture and I'm able to capture everything I see on the screen.

I'm using the latest version of the app and video drivers. Any ideas of how to prevent the issue without having to manually change the scaling factor everytime I undock the laptop?

I'm having this same issue on Windows 10 with a 3 monitor setup.

I have two 32" 4K monitors (set to 2560x1440) on the left and a 27" HD monitor (set to 1920x1200) on the right. Any window I try to region grab from one of the 4K Monitors with 'Shift+PrnScn' drastically enlarges the capture. If I drag the program to the HD monitor I am able to grab a region successfully.

I'm not using a laptop or connecting and disconnecting monitors. I'm using the latest version. If I try to region grab a section of Adobe After Effects, it enlarges across all 3 monitors.

Lastly, I'm not using any Windows scaling. My 'size of text, apps, and other items' is 100%.

I'm still having the scaling problem. I have three monitors, all set to 100% scaling. Two are 4K and one is a 2K monitor. If I try to 'shift-PrnScr' on the 4Ks everything is scaled up and shifted off screen so I can't drag and get the lower right corner. Plus, it's just enlarged really big.

I've completely uninstalled and reinstalled, and rebooted, on my Windows 10 Pro machine. No help.

I tried using a 'Manifest' file to change the DPI detection to 'false' just to see what happens, that did not help. Not sure it even would, just a stab in the dark. You never know when you are not a skilled

I've changed to the mode where you get a red overlay that you can size and then hit 'Ctrl+click' to grab, but then that window freezes and hangs and I have to use Task Manager to close the program and reopen it.

So I'm kind of stuck. I love SC but I think I have to find another solution now.


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