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Win10 Creators Update breaks trackpads.


Looks like I'm not the only one who has had issues with this.  Just spent the last 2-3 hours fighting with my laptop trying to get my trackpad working, and it turned out that the drivers had been completely removed from my system during the update to "Creators Update" - No clue why or how it happened, and installing the official drivers had 0 effect on anything. 

So...after 2-3 hours, I'm no longer on that update, as I have rolled back.

This post serves as a means to warn other people that this may happen, and if so, pretty much the only solution seems to be "Revert Back" to the previous update (whatever you was on before you upgraded) - The one saving grace here is that Windows 10 makes that very easy, and considering it took several hours to instal Creators took 10 minutes to revert I can't moan too much about _that_ process :)



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