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IDEA: Ability to select multiple windows and send keyboard input to all of them

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It would be really nice to be able to have several windows and be able to send all keyboard input to them at the same time
This would be most useful to have several terminal emulation windows open to several hosts and perform the same changes on all
(ie: select a number of windows quickly and easily)

There are other situations where you might also want to have a notepad window open to keep track of everything you type, and in that case you might want to be able to say to send the keyboard input to the foreground window as well as the notepad window.

In both cases it would also be very useful if text pasted from the clipboard also went to the selected destination windows
This is so that I can have something similar to pconsole or fanterm [linux] to use under Windows

There is quite a useful description of functionality for a little tool like this on the Putty website

It would be great if the windows under control were tagged in a visible way to indicate that they are part of a set


NB: A way I have seen other utilities like this work is to have their own "input" window that you can type in so that the keystrokes are directed to all of the child windows

Seeing as there doesn't seem to be too much interest in doing one for me, can someone that knows a little about AHK give me some pointers on whether this is feasible to do and a pointer or two ?


I'm sorry i can't do this right now.
But i'm sure that if Skrommel comes around, he should do it in no time.
Anyway, if you'd like to give it a try yourself, you could start by the Send command and the Inputbox command. The first will allow you to send text to a specified window, and the latter will allow you to easily input text.

After all i did get some time to do this. Lets hope it's what you expected.

MultipleSend v1.0 created 29-07-2006:
Send the same text to several windows at the same time

--- End quote ---
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jgpavia you are beautiful :)

I just tested your "little script" and it works pretty well.  I used EditPad Lite and evolvED to create new blank documents.  I started you ahk script, selected the two editor windows and started typing. 

There is a slight delay between sending and having control back, which makes sense.

There are two minor things I offer for improvement:
1) Add a "Continue" button on your splash screen.  It took me a while to figure out that I needed to close it to continue.
2) It might be cool to have a checkbox on the text sumission box to allow sending CRLF or not.
I might not want to send that at each line end.... My thought is that it would be check to send CRLF and would be the default.  If I unchecked it, it would just send the text w/o CRLF and I would append the line.

Nice job jg   :Thmbsup:


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