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Minimise button while Searching




how do i minimise the search box when searching.
I have to wait when its searching.

Am i able to minimise it while it searches  -I can then come back to it
I couldnt find the minimise button

thank you


I was going to suggest an option that would keep FARR window showing, but cannot find any.
FARR (normally) disappears here as soon as another window hides it, but this may not be the case if it is searching (I dont use FARR for any major searching myself: in the limited 'search folders' I use, it finds most things within a couple of seconds).

@slc7, does the FARR window disappear if you alt+tab away from it and back?

@mouser, I thought the option to show FARR on the taskbar allowed one to AltTab to and from FARR (?) -- but that not the case here with FARR installed, on Win.7 x64

Seems to have been sort-of reported before:

Hello T,

I just wanted to kind of minimise it while its searching using a hotkey - then i can see it again restore it?

I really would like a minimise button as the ALT Tab is not my cup of tea :)

it went some where else

Yes the FARR is very fast but i am still setting everything up and its taking a long time to search for something
so in that case send FARR to the task bar  -  the minimise button to my task bar would be great


It's an interesting question -- it might seem like an obvious thing to want to do but currently FARR doesn't really have a way to minimize-during-searching.  It assumes that when you want it to "go away" you are done searching.

Let me explain why FARR doesn't "want" to minimize during searching -- it's because FARR was never designed to be used to perform searches that take a LONG time.  It's whole purpose in life is to be used to find things very quickly.

What this means is that FARR is rarely the only file searching program you will need.  You should have a good all purpose file searcher for those times when you need to conduct long searches and filter by file size, date, etc.  There are some good ones -- like Agent Ransack and some good commercial file searchers.

I will take a look into adding this functionality, but let me encourage you to consider limiting FARR to searching for things that can be found very quickly -- like executable programs to launch or for your normal work documents, and use a different program for very long involved searches.

Hello M,

FARR is very fast, but I dont know why it was taking so long on my drop box, so i thought i would minimise it.

But there was no button, and i thought i did something on the settings options and that took me forever but no such luck, so there was no button to begin with. :-[

One other reason is  - its not FARR's fault, but becuase its sooooooo fast it flickers  and jumps and my eyes are sensitive.

So i thought id let it do its thing and come back to it.

I am trying to set up my hotkeys but i got stuck again :)

Im not sure why my alias is not coming up - i will investigate



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