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You can create a FileContents node type that tells it to show a list of items defined in a text file (and/or specified as a text block in the LBC interface itself).  The help shows some of the syntax you can use:

--- ---// We start with a directory submenu
// then a separator
// then a submenu enclosing more entries, and with a custom icon
MyFiles /icon=%comdir%\smileyavatar.ico {
// and now some file entries (the indenting is optional)
-Final Stuff
// end with another text file, but with custom caption
My ToDo List|E:\MyDocs\Academic\Text\MyTodoList.txt
Paste Signature|paste Sincerely,\nmouser

See the /icon= option above for how to specify custom icons.

Hello M
Yippee I am so happy this is a step in the right direction.

I hope you can add in the future to make the icon size large for the imported one can you see its tiny
Open LBC - Tree Nodes Collapsed - Not Expanded

The reason I wanted to import pre-made from a text file is because it's a good way for me to backup some of my docks

So I can create templates and then populate them and it'll be easier for me to make a new docks in the future
As I can be clumsy and lose my work so I always like to backup my work

So thank you for answering all the questions

I will add an option to customize the menu font size.

I will add an option to customize the menu font size.
-mouser (May 09, 2017, 07:25 AM)
--- End quote ---
You might not need to do that for Windows 10 users, as the user can set text (menu and other) font sizes system-wide.
For example, look what I got with these settings (Note as at 2017-03-29):

 - so that when LBC pops up a menu one can get something like this:
(The user needs to experiment to get what best suites their peculiar visual/perceptual needs.)


Hello Iain, :)

What a fabulous find  - I never knew this existed, well i had to hunt it down, this control panel and couldnt find it

I really find windows 10 a pain to use -  I can never find anything :(

But yes it would be so useful to have fonts bigger in general system wide  - I hate tiny fonts - no body has time to be squinting at text

I will experiment with the colors and text

Thank you


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