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Yes, it can be tedious finding those settings. They seem to have been buried away, as though to deter people from finding them in the first place. I don't understand it.

The long way to getting there is:

* Go to the The Windows 10 settings "PC Settings"-->"System"-->"Display"
* Once you ar in the Display section, the first title is "Customize your display".
* Scroll down to the bottom of that section and click on "Advanced display settings", which will take you to a new section with that title.
* Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Advanced sizing of text and other items" and that takes you to the page I have a jagged-edge screen clipping of, in the above notes.
That page is a Control Panel sub-menu and can be more quickly got to via the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display.

For anyone who has deteriorated eyesight and needs specs for reading a computer/laptop display, those settings could be a real boon. I've certainly found that to be true in my case, anyway.

Thank you Iain,

i have copied these instructions in my Notebook for safe keeping as next time I want to make some changes , I will no doubt lose the links and instructions and then spend hours trying to find them again on google
There are so many buttons and instructions  they changed and its a real night mare trying to find them again



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