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Not Show Icons in System Tray - Launch Bars

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Hello M,

that would be very useful indeed.

I made a lot of launch bars then i got confused with all the icons showing up, and i also had another tree, and another.

So i had to rearange all my bars and i forgot which ones  where what so i made a mess.

I want to use all my bars - but even though they have icons i still cant figure out which one to click on so, I thought i would memorise the shortcut so i wouldnt need the icon in tray

I am trying to organise them nicely now into a big bar.



you can change each folder icon into a more useful icon. Instead of a yellow folder, maybe one is a camera, another one is a dog, or a loudspeaker or your mother in law, etcetera.

Well thank Jiminy theres no mother in laws yet  but at least i have a nice menu



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