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issue with automatic screenshotter

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- menu from tray icon and from application are not captured at all (not true, some work),
I only see cursor over pushed button, but menu is not on screenshot.
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Is it possible the screenshot is happening right BEFORE the menu is displayed?
That is, if you have it take a screenshot every 1 second, do you then get the capture of the menu?
-mouser (May 12, 2017, 01:20 PM)
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After I saw the 'flaws', I tested by hovering for a longer time over the menu(s) while had AS set to capture every 3 seconds.
(duh, I wanted to post my AS settings, but then.... arrrg)
So sooner or later one shot should have taken the -what are the pop-ups called?... fly-out menu?

I will sure have a need to capture more the next week and will report back.



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