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Strange thing about Custom Desktop Logo V2.2 for GIFCam to screen record.


Hi, Wong

I wanna make GIF animation as well as my logo above the content with screen recording wares like GIFCam 5.1 and LICEcap 1.26, but it fails to record the floating logo I set there. So weried!

Then I try another similar ware ScreenToGif 2.7.1 which could do what I want.

Is it bug for the failed wares to catch te floating Logo with Custom Desktop Logo V2.2?
Could it be fixed to let thoses wares support recording the Logo by Custom Desktop Logo V2.2?

Thanks a lot!

BTW, I translate the language file into Chinese Simplified. Hope you can add it to the languages folder after your checking for publish.
What is "disable Movement" function for? It makes me a bit confusing.



Kasper Henriksen:
From what I know is that Wong isn't working on circle dock anymore because he got depoted or something so circle dock turned into abandonedware and I also know that there were someone called Markham which continued improving circle  dock and got help with support from someone called Sage but Mark stopped and pulled all of his code of the site so it was only Wongs work as when he stopped and now it is completely abandoned


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