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Scan options Screenshot Captor

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I think what james is wanting is to be able to like quickly scan 5 pages and generate a 5-page pdf, with one page for each scan.

You can do this with SC with a little bit of effort -- scanning each image separately, then selecting them all and choosing File -> Combine Multiple Images -> PDF.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for all your answers. The above quoted answer fitted my question perfectly.
Thanks again.


Another option I use frequently is to use Nitro PDF creator (free) and then save each page with the same name.  The program will ask "replace or append?".  If you append, all pages will be in one file, in the same order scanned.

Thank you very much, I've installed 64bit Nitro PDF Reader.

But for me, Screenshot Captor is the best universal tool to make scans or screenshots, because you have many additional options to highlight something.
I think you might have the multiple scans in Screenshot Captor as PDF and then drag, combine and save them in Nitro PDF.



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