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Option to NOT save to file?

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Must say again, doing a capture every second minute just now,
this auto save behaviour incommodes highly.
There is every time a short delay while saving which disturbs colossal.
(may be our favorite developer has an high end pc where this delay never happens  ;D)

An other problem occurs
when i click on an thump on the left side...
...then my current shot is saved (ok, i set this so to do this automaticly)
but it is focused ! (i mean my current shot, i.e. it is showed again in the main window)
So i must (search and) click on the thump again a second time.
Perhaps this auto save could be done in the back ground?

Pfffttt {takeadeepbreath} :-\ sorry, just an IMHO report.

ok, maybe i could add an option to not save the last image until you want to, and overwrite it if you capture multiple images in a row without saving.

Overwriting the most recent 'temporary' capture file seems quite reasonable to me. It solves any concerns over disk-space usage without requiring the user to do anything, yet prevents having to make any major changes to the app to avoid any use of a file.

yes, i will add this for those who want it, it seems to be a good compromise and will in fact reduce disk usage and so speed up multiple captures.  it will of course be an option - i myself prefer to have it save every capture and let me choose later which to delete.

i could add a toggle in the tray, so you could easily switch between "save every capture" mode, and "capture overwrite temporary buffer".



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