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GDI & USER Handle leaks in v4.12.0 on WinXP 32 bit


I run ScreenshotCaptor always and typically have workstation uptime of 2-8 weeks on Windows XP 32 bit between reboots. Today I noticed my ScreenshotCaptor.exe USER Handles were up to 1114 and GDI at 764. This seems rather high, like there's a leak happening over time. I've probably taken 20 screenshots in the past 2 weeks.

Side note: I used open source "Process Hacker 2" (a high tech clone of Process Explorer) to view my Handle usage, which I have to monitor because I run out of desktop heap and other evidently limited resources, ultimately causing my desktop to crash. (I've increased my Desktop Heap to 12228 and that greatly helps but ultimately I still exhaust it because I typically open so many things simultaneously.)

Is there anything I can do to help track down and solve this handle leak? NirSoft has GDIView which if you leave running, shows counters of each app's GDI handle usage as it increases/decreases with time. But I'm not really an expert on what the different types mean.

Pleas excuse my delay in replying -- I'm out of town until the 26th and have been working furiously on a major update to the DonationCoder forum/website so I've fallen a bit behind in replying to posts about my software.  I will try to remedy that when I get back in town.

I apologize it took me so long to take this report more seriously.

I have uploaded a beta with a fix here:


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