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I'm going to set up a page for non-skrommel user-written coding snacks much like this page of c++ builder contest entries, which is based off of the blog system:

Basically each item is linked to a forum post where there is a screenshot,etc.

So I could use some help identifying the posts where user-written (non-skrommel) coding snacks are posted.

Then the coding snacks items will be added to the top of the coding snacks page.

Please post replies here with links to such coding snacks posts.

Mouser & I were messaging about some new ideas for Coding Snacks. First up, a monthly bounty could be available -- where everybody participating would take home a portion of it. Second, a page somewhere on the site where people could get or post updates to active projects. I'm not totally sure what would go here (I'm sure Mouser will jump in at some point to expound on the idea a bit), but maybe a way to make announcements that affect all coders or something.
Does anybody have some ideas that would add to or improve the process?

i really am liking this idea more and more.


now there is:


i think we can bring more attention to pending coding snacks and make it a more interesting thing for more coders.
so i was thinking a page of OPEN coding snacks, and set aside a little bit of money each month to automatically distribute as donationcredits to anyone doing substantial work on coding snacks, as a recognition of what they add to the site.  This wouldn't really be a bounty as much as it would be simply giving something from the site fund to support coding snack authors.

note the point of this is NOT to spur competition in the coding snacks section at all.
perhaps its best not to have a set amount each month but simply say that we will make a bigger effort to reward coding snack authors from site fund, without using a fixed formula..


I'm really afraid that either this is going to sound hopelessly lame, or that it was done years ago, but here goes. I find myself having to fill out a lot of forms on the web, and I'm always having to type my web address - I find this to be incredibly boring, and I'm sure that someone has written some kind of program which will let me just do a couple of keystrokes, to accomplish this task. And there might even be other keystrokes that can be assigned to other similarly mundane tasks. If such an application does exist, could you please let me know about it, or if by some miniscule chance that it does not exist - how difficult would it be to  create such a thing?


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