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xplorer² file manager - $14.95 - Bits Du Jour 6/17/2009 - WEDNESDAY

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Xplorer2 pro is one of the best file manager for Windows, if you ask me.  :P
It's not often discounted, but now it is 51% off!  :-*

The link is here :

xplorer2 home page:
-llc_silly (June 11, 2009, 06:47 PM)
--- End quote ---

I own and have used many different of the top Explorer replacements, and always return to Xplorer2 as by far the best.

@HankFriedman: Ditto. +1 from me.    :Thmbsup:

As I progressively discovered what xplorer² could actually do, those discoveries developed into "new" requirements for me. Now nothing else can actually meet those requirements nor replace xplorer², for me.
I'm stuck with xplorer².    :D
My now 7 y/o son likes it too, as well as my now nearly 16 y/o daughter.

I have a license for xplorer2 as well, and use it as my second file manager beside TC :Thmbsup:. It's a shame there is never a discount for the lifetime upgrade protection, or I might have gotten that.


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