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Forensic System on a bootable stick


Engelmann from Germany has some simple but okay programs: Their Forensic System could be quite interesting to some of you guys or dolls: >> You can find out everything that has ever happened on your computer using Forensic System."<<

read this email online: "Invalid archive link."

"Still available until May 5, 2017 for just EUR 19.99 instead of EUR 29.99". Cart: offer seems still valid June 23 2017

Forensic System isn’t bound to one PC. You can analyse all the Windows PCs and laptops in your home.

After buying the download version of our Forensic System software, you need to create a bootable USB stick or bootable DVD with included tools. Please first make sure your computer can boot from a USB/DVD.
--- End quote ---
Forensic System on a bootable stick


Thanks for the info.  I certainly have a use for something like this.

I have an older version of encase and X-ways forensic softwares.

I noticed these guys also listed several software products that were previously PAID programs, that are now FREE. Might be of interest to other folks here on DC.
LINK to several FREEBIE programs on Engelmann website

* MyFormatConverter Free
* Photomizer Retro
* Simply Good Pictures 4
* freeTunes 4
* Videomizer 2
* MakeMe3D
* CinemaHD 4
* i-Studio 7
* android converter 2
* Win8Starter
* Win8Studio


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