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Bug report: automatic screenshotter stops

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Similar to what I reported for the automatic mode in screenshot captor (, I see the same behavior with automatic screenshotter.  After running for some period of time (for me it was about 30 hours, capturing every 20 seconds), the application will lock up and stop capturing.  I have to kill it and restart it.  It would not respond to right click menu from the system tray.

Let me know if there are any logs or other troubleshooting I could do to help pinpoint the problem.

Stuff to check:
- Antivirus in use? Have you tried disabling AV for the screenshot-folder?
- Number of files? (@mouser: Maybe an automatic directory creator/rotation after ~1000 files or so, or date/hour based, would be useful)
- Specs of the drive the files are stored on? (Does it handle continuous writing for that amount of time and data?)

Thanks for the reply.

It's a windows 10 virtual machine with a single 50GB virtual drive that has plenty of free space.  Don't think there should be any issue with continuous writes.  Screenshotter already breaks up files into daily directories.  Since I have it set to capture every 20 seconds, that means it would end up with at most 4320 files per directory, which isn't that many.  Even a FAT32 filesystem can have 64k files in a directory.  And with it only writing changes, it's usually only writing about 1000 files per day.

It is running Avast free antivirus.  I haven't excluded any directories, but it is usually pretty good about popping up notifications if it takes any action.  I could try that, though.

I'll gather some more data on when it occurs and how many files and how much space is being used the next time it stops and will post here.

Are you using filenames (or folders) with dates+times in them, or by chance are you using filenames that are identical other the automatic numbering?

I'll have to set up a test myself to see what might be causing the trouble.  One thing that would be useful to know is if the hanging happens after X number of shots (regardless of the speed of capturing), or if it's happening after some amount of time, even if its only capturing once per hour for example.

Another possibility might be that screenshotting is failing when the pc goes to sleep or something... It may be that that is what the problem is -- I should be able to fix it if I can narrow down the proximal cause..

I'm using the default, where screenshotter creates the directory heirarchy by date and has a timestamp on the files.  There are no other files in those directories.

It's happened twice so far (since I only started using it a few days ago).  The first time it was after 32 hours, and the second time was after 27 hours.  I captured a windows dump file when it hung most recently.  Not sure if that helps at all, but I can send it, if you want.  It's 114 MB, so I can't attach it here.

The most recent time it hung, it had created 1034 files in the first day's directory and then switched to the second day and had created 694 files in there before it stopped.  The very last file written out was all black.

There is no screensaver or automatic power settings enabled.  When I come back to the console, it is still showing the screen and there are no error messages.  screenshotter is still running, but right click on icon does nothing and double click brings up an empty window.  It will not close without being killed.


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