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Bug report: automatic screenshotter stops

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And you say the icon is the red color that it normally only briefly turns while capturing?
I think the best way to identify the problem -- if you are willing -- is for me to send you a debug version that will log some messages to a file while it's running and help me see where it gets stuck.

These symptoms smell like a resource (file?, gdi handle?) that's not closed while it should be closed. Eventually the process will run out of that resource, and freezes.

Sure, I'd be willing to run a debug version for you.  I guess the windows dump file is of no use?

The icon for Screenshot Captor was red when it froze up, but the icon for Automatic Screenshotter doesn't change... it is still blue with a red dot, showing it is active.  It is like that all the time.

Another thing I would recommend is to open up Process Explorer and check the properties for the process. In particular, the statistics about the handles (on the performance tab) are where I think you might find a problem; if you run out of handles due to a bug not freeing them up after use you can get some really weird behaviour.

My guess is that the app might be leaking a GDI handle each time it screenshots, but that's just a guess.

You don't even need to wait for an error to occur to test this theory; just look at the numbers when you start it up, leave the app running for a few hours, and then check the numbers again. If any handle has grown considerably (don't forget to account for some minor variance), then that is likely to give mouser a hint as to where he's looking for the problem.

Yeah that's worth looking at.

Here's the Process Explorer download page:

What you want to do is double-click on ScreenshotCaptor.exe to bring up the properties dialog and then click the "Performance" tab to give you something like this:

What we care about most are the "Handles" values.

Since you report that "The most recent time it hung, it had created 1034 files in the first day's directory and then switched to the second day and had created 694 files in there before it stopped", it would be interesting to see the Process Explorer handles numbers at 4 times:

* 1. When the program starts up.
* 2. After about 500 screenshots.
* 3. After about 1000 screenshots.
* 4. When it hangs.


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