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feature requests for automatic capture mode

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First, thanks for the hard work on this program.  Very well done.

I'm using it to capture periodic screenshots in automatic mode.  I think a couple new features would make this even better than it already is:
1) allow "repeat until stopped", rather than limited to a set number of captures.  would like it to just keep running without ever stopping unless I manually stop it.
2) add an optional feature to delete intermediate captures that are identical to current capture.  that is, once a capture is made, it could compare it to the previous capture file, and if the files are the same (or even could have a tolerance where they are the same within some % deviation), it automatically deletes the previous file.

You might need to take a look at Automatic Screenshotter.  Sound's like what you may be wanting.

Also welcome to the forums. :)

Yep. Automatic Screenshotter sounds like what you want  :up:

Cool, I will take a look at that!

I would recommend though to also make a change to screenshot captor such that if you put "0" in for the number of automatic captures to make, that it just continually captures without stopping.  That seems like a relatively simple change.

Agreed. Will do.
Though Automatic Screenshotter is a far better tool for this kind of thing -- I wrote it specifically for folks who were using Screenshot Captor to to automatic capturing :)


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