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"Invisible clip" ? (Ignore Clip Hotkey)

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Just a quick question. I don't know the program well enough, I don't think it's a current feature, but is it possible to copy something into windows clipboard but not being recorded by HSP? (call it "invisible clip" if you like).
The reason why I'm asking this is that there are times when you do need something on your clipboard but you don't really want it to be saved into the clipboard manager because you know you're going to have to delete it afterwards (because it's sensitive information or whatever other resason)  so it only adds junk to the clipboard list.
It'd be cool if you could just press a special combination of keys to do that...

It'd be cool if you could just press a special combination of keys to do that...-Chessnia (April 20, 2017, 09:54 AM)
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great idea!

This doesn't cover your request, but worth knowing:
in 'Options' under 'Capture options', there is an ignore list for apps.
Which can be helpful, but not very flexible.

You can toggle CHS on and off from system tray -- the icon changes to show you it's off.
What I should do is add a quick hotkey to toggle it on and off -- that would make it easier to quickly do.

Newly updated beta includes a new customizable hotkey to toggle clipboard capture on and off, which might be useful for scenarios like this.

Thanks Tomos, I was aware of that, yes.

Mouser: I understand that some of our requests are much harder to implement than some of us naïve users imagine. But I don't think that addresses my request at all, because the real life scenario that most people get is completely different: People copy and paste stuff all the time. URLs, images, etc. Then maybe they have to copy a bank account number from their password list app, they have to switch off the program. Then switch it on again. Then they don't want to save an image into the clipboard, off again, on again. Another image, etc. Switching it on and off is actually a rather cumbersome "solution" to the situation I was describing. It makes it even more confusing than actually deleting it manually.
Having said that, being able to toggle on and off the program using a hotkey is definitely a nice addon to the program.


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