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Unable to move bar

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Love the program!!!
After the latest update my bar has been locked to the top of the screen.  I was able to move it to the bottom by holding ctrl + down but that no longer works.  Moving Left and right and changing the size works as before.

In LBC, you can't drag a bar off the side of the screen once it is docked (though you can drag to resize it).

The way you change which side of the screen it's docked to is to right-click on the bar and choose the menu item "Toggle docking".  That will undock the bar from the side of the screen so that you can move it to another side of the screen.

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks for the quick response.

When I toggle docking I can move it to the bottom but then it will no longer auto-hide.

Strange.. Might be a bug.  Is the task bar also on the bottom of the screen?
Will it auto-hide to all of the other sides of the screens?

My task bar is actually on the left side of my screen.

It only auto-hide when docked to the top.  When I toggle docking and move the bar it moves back to the top when turning docking back on.


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