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CintaNotes Pro with 50% discount

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CintaNotes Pro anniversary discount valid for one week, till Apr 18th

50% discount on the pro and liftetime pro license. More info

5 years ago we released the first version of CintaNotes PRO.
Since then, we've added a ton of features to CN, but have always strived to keep it slick and highly usable. Of course we haven't arrived at the ideal that we have in mind, but we are constantly moving in that direction.
All of it wouldn't be possible without you. Your help, your advice, your patience and understanding.
Today we want to say thank you for choosing CN and staying with it. Here's a 50% off coupon to all kinds of licenses, including upgrades – valid for one week, till Apr 18th.

Redeem 50% discount coupon code
--- End quote ---

I couldn't tell from the site- do they have inline note editing yet?  Or do you have to edit notes in a dialog still?

Haven't used it in years but based on I guess not?

Thanks!  It's a shame.  I like a lot about CN, but this is a show stopper for me, and the reason I didn't use it after I had it as much as I would have otherwise.

Just to avoid duplication/repetition:
PIM-related Mini-Reviews ("also-ran") - CintaNotes PRO.

I keep my eye on it, but that project still seems to be moving forwards in Beta with small incremental and unplanned steps, not going anywhere in particular. Lots of potential, but apparently still a fizzle?
Pity.    :(


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