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Making screenshot of Screenshot Captor menu

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Hello, maybe a difficult question, but like to know it's possible somehow to make a screenshot of the Screenshot Captor menu with opened License screen?
Yesterday I wanted because of a question in your forum on Screenshot Captor make a point with a screenshot, but after starting a screenshot the whole menu disappears immediately, also when pushing on PrtScn button..
If necessary I can do it first with Windows Snipping Tool. ;)
I just like to know there is a possibility that it can do with Screenshot Captor? :-[

You could do it with a delayed capture, but that is a bit annoying to do currently because you have to first set a delay for all captures, then capture, then turn off delay.
I will be adding a one-time delayed screenshot hotkey in next release to make it easier.

Wouldn't disabling that work too?

Preferences > Basic Capturing > Capturing Options > >> Before Capture > [_] Hide Screenshot Captor window


Maybe I was over-thinking things, assuming that the SC menu was closing due to a keypress.  If not then yeah what Abterix says is true, you can just use SC to capture images of itself including a dropped-down menu, as long as you don't have SC configure to hide itself before capture.  That option can be found in the "Capture Options" tab, about half way down under "Before Capture".

From the SSC main window:
Normally you'd use "Capture/Capture image of ScreenshotCaptor window", but you can't use that menu-item when the Help/About window is opened, as the OP was apparently trying... :o (or at least I did :huh:)


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